Members List

Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Emily Martin Individual 07-24-2020
Angela Matthews Basic OMSI 08-13-2018
Colleen McDaniel Leader Vernier Software & Technology 06-20-2016
Jenna Mendenhall Individual 05-20-2021
LeeAnn Mikkelson Individual 12-17-2020
Phyllis Millan Student/Senior 09-15-2020
Kora Mousseaux Basic Jackson SWCD 08-13-2018
Peder Nelson Individual 12-14-2020
Clint Nichols Basic Jackson SWCD 08-13-2018
Kelly Novahom Partner Lewis & Clark Law School - Environmental Law Program 08-09-2018
Ely O'Connor Basic Clean Water Services 10-19-2020
Janet Ohara Basic OMSI 08-13-2018
Bethany Osborne-Koch Basic Rogue Environmental Ed, LLC 04-26-2021
Morgan Parks Friend National Wildlife Federation 09-01-2018
Bailey Payne Individual Corvallis School District 08-26-2020
David Pearson Basic Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory 07-20-2018
Rachael Pecore Individual Story Tracks 03-06-2016
Dan Prince Friend Friends of Outdoor School 09-12-2018
Emily Prud'homme Individual Discover Your Forest 09-15-2020
Jasmine Ramirez Basic Rosemary Anderson HS 09-18-2018

Our Organizational Members

We can't do our work without our members. Organizations that support us at the Friend level or higher provide us additional resources to provide programs, training, networking opportunities, and our conference to you. Thank you!


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