Members List

Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Karen Gentry Student/Senior Discover Your Forest 09-08-2020
Becca Gilbert Partner The Environmental Center 07-09-2018
Bonny Glendenning Individual Port Blakely 06-07-2021
Gerard Gonzales Individual 07-25-2020
Charlie Graham Individual 07-30-2020
Lisa Habecker Basic Pro Haystack Rock Awareness Program 09-07-2018
Karen Hall Individual Institute for Applied Ecology 06-08-2021
Debra Hazelett Student/Senior Butterflies Forever 08-25-2016
Alison Heimowitz Individual Metro 09-01-2017
Jeanine Hemel Individual 08-09-2016
Deborah Hill Individual 09-14-2020
Mark Hougardy Individual 03-12-2021
Erin Hullinger Basic Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory 07-20-2018
Jessica Jansen Basic Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom 06-10-2020
Jessica Jansen Basic Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom 07-10-2018
Alan Journet Student/Senior Southern Oregon Climate Action Now 08-01-2016
Janice Kelley Individual 06-01-2021
Tara Laidlaw Individual 09-18-2020
Brad Maggetti Basic DOI-NPS Redwood NP 09-10-2018
Debra Marsh Basic Pro Marsh Consulting LLC 06-22-2016

Our Organizational Members

We can't do our work without our members. Organizations that support us at the Friend level or higher provide us additional resources to provide programs, training, networking opportunities, and our conference to you. Thank you!


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