Members List

Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Clair Thomas Individual Tillamook High School 03-07-2016
Steve Tritz Basic OMSI 05-20-2021
Dana Utroske Individual Educate Regenerate 04-13-2021
Sanne van der Ros Individual no affiliation but I am a volunteer with the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) and work for Parks Canada 05-16-2021
Stephanie Wagner Individual Oswego Lake Watershed Council 07-20-2020
Hilary Whitehead Individual Forest Grove Community School 06-04-2021
Seth Winkelhake Basic Clean Water Services 10-20-2020
Sarah Wyllie Individual Portland General Electric - Parks and Recreation Department 12-04-2020
Rick Zenn Individual 02-09-2021

Our Organizational Members

We can't do our work without our members. Organizations that support us at the Friend level or higher provide us additional resources to provide programs, training, networking opportunities, and our conference to you. Thank you!


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