Members List

Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Katie Akers Individual United States Forest Service 09-15-2020
Amanda Alwine Individual 07-12-2021
Lauriel Amoroso Student/Senior Northwest Outdoor Science School 08-11-2020
Emily Anderson Individual Oregon State University Extension, 4-H Youth Development 04-25-2016
Robyn Anderson Individual Museum of Natural & Cultural History 09-08-2020
Bonnie Anderson Basic Pro Friends of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge 09-11-2020
Sophia Anguilla Friend Friends of Outdoor School 10-04-2019
Anne Armstrong Basic OMSI 08-13-2018
Sue Baker Individual 10-21-2018
Nancy Bales Basic Gray Family Foundation 06-05-2018
Mel Bankoff Partner Partners for Sustainable Schools 08-18-2016
Bruce Barbarasch Leader Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District 06-17-2016
Lena Baucum Basic Straub Environmental Center 07-19-2018
Rita Bauer Basic OSU/Outdoor School 06-22-2021
Kasia Bilhartz Student/Senior 08-04-2016
Casey Blake Basic Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom 06-10-2020
Jason Botel Student/Senior 08-30-2016
Brennan Brockbank Individual 05-20-2021
Jessica Brothers Student/Senior 06-22-2016
Sarah Brumet Individual 08-01-2020

Our Organizational Members

We can't do our work without our members. Organizations that support us at the Friend level or higher provide us additional resources to provide programs, training, networking opportunities, and our conference to you. Thank you!


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