Members List

Avatar Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Karen Hall Individual Institute for Applied Ecology 06-08-2021
Bonny Glendenning Individual Port Blakely 06-07-2021
Hilary Whitehead Individual Forest Grove Community School 06-04-2021
Janice Kelley Individual 06-01-2021
Steve Tritz Basic OMSI 05-20-2021
Jenna Mendenhall Individual 05-20-2021
Brennan Brockbank Individual 05-20-2021
Sanne van der Ros Individual no affiliation but I am a volunteer with the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) and work for Parks Canada 05-16-2021
Kim Silva Friend Friends of Outdoor School 05-13-2021
Kristi Reynolds Individual Kid Time Children's Museum 05-12-2021
Andrew Stone Student/Senior EM 05-11-2021
Bethany Osborne-Koch Basic Rogue Environmental Ed, LLC 04-26-2021
Dana Utroske Individual Educate Regenerate 04-13-2021
Amy Busch Individual Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness 04-05-2021
Shannon Mardis Individual USFWS 03-22-2021
Mark Hougardy Individual 03-12-2021
Charlotte Skalski Individual 03-01-2021
Brianne Foster Individual 02-25-2021
Rick Zenn Individual 02-09-2021
Theresa Crain Individual Outdoor Education Adventures 01-27-2021