Kevin Pozzi, Office Administrator (he/him)

Kevin has worked in the field of environmental education for more than five years and currently serves as a Nature Educator for Portland Parks & Recreation's Environmental Education program. During his four years with the program, he has led hundreds of preschool nature walks and field trips for elementary schools students, developed outdoor curriculum, and helped coordinate nature summer camps. He has also worked with organizations that promote garden education and sustainability, such as the Sauvie Island Center, Ecotrust, and The Learning Gardens Laboratory. He is passionate about place-based learning, sensory learning, and how to make the field of environmental education more inclusive.

Kevin holds a Master’s degree from Portland State University in Educational Leadership & Policy with a specialization in Leadership for Sustainability Education and an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Indiana University. Prior to his work with Portland Parks & Recreation, Kevin worked on sustainability and education policy issues for Congressman Earl Blumenauer and helped coordinate an oral history project of Oregon's novel land use program at Portland State University.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys hiking around Oregon's different ecoregions, learning about the weather and our changing climate, and keeping a curious mindset about our relationship with the natural world.

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