2018 Conference Registration Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ: Enclosed in this document is what you’ve signed and agreed to with a checkmark
during the registration process. Thank you for taking the time to read this document through to the
end. This document spells out our expectations of you as a participant and will also give you
guidance so that you can adhere to the rules and regulations supplied by our host, Canby Grove.
We wish to be a positive presence for our hosts and to exude professionalism at all times as
representatives of the environmental education field as a whole.

Thank you!

Conference Code of Conduct

Environmental Education Association of Oregon (EEAO) strives to provide a warm and welcoming
environment for our Conference registrants, speakers, partners, Board members and any other
participants. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to help ensure the safety and well-being of all

As a Conference participant:

I will treat all other participants with courtesy, respect and honesty.

Pay careful attention and notify staff of either the Canby Grove or representatives of EEAO if I notice
any hazard or potential safety issue.

Practice safe behaviors at all times and follow all instructions as it relates to any Conference

Abide by the rules of the facility, including no pets allowed unless a certified medical service animal
and smoking tobacco products only in designated areas.

As a Conference participant, I will not:

Engage in physical, sexual or verbal abuse of others.

Engage in any illegal or criminal conduct of any kind.

Engage in any drug activity, including smoking and consuming marijuana products.

Bring or consume any alcohol unless provided by the Conference host and only in locations identified by host facility. [Alcoholic beverages will be limited to the indoor portion of our Saturday-night Celebration Dinner ONLY. No alcohol outdoors that evening. No exceptions. No alcohol in cabins, common rooms or on the grounds outside of this one occurrence.]

Any conduct that is in violation of these standards or is deemed to be disruptive by staff of Canby
Grove or representatives of EEAO shall be grounds for dismissal of the Conference immediately with
no refund of any registration or lodging fees. Also, dependent on the action, legal authorities may be

Photo Release

By completing the registration process, I agree to the following:

• Your Name, Title, Organization and email will be shared with registered conference participants
prior to and following the conference. You may opt out of this agreement by submitting to EEAO,
in writing, your desire that this information may not be shared. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Your photo may be taken and utilized for marketing purposes. You may opt out of this agreement
by submitting to EEAO, in writing your desire to not have your likeness utilized. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Waiver and Release from Liability

I agree to attend and participate on a voluntary basis in the 2018 Environmental Education
Conference hosted by Environmental Education Association of Oregon. By my signature, I recognize
that Environmental Education Association of Oregon has not undertaken any duty or responsibility
for my safety and I agree to assume full responsibility for all risk of bodily injury, death, disability, and
property damage as a result of my participation.

By my signature, I hereby state that I understand there may be risks involved in certain physical
activities available for me to participate in, and also as it relates to the outdoor and shared facilities
and I willingly and voluntarily accept these risks.

By my signature, I hereby agree that Canby Grove and/or EEAO will in case of emergency will notify
medical personnel and I agree that medical personnel are allowed to make decisions on care if I am
unable to provide agreement for any reason.

By my signature, I hereby surrender any right to seek reimbursement from Environmental Education
Association of Oregon and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and any other agents for
injury sustained and liability incurred during my time at the Environmental Conference.

By my signature, I warrant I am not relying on any representations, statements, or inducements
apart from the statements made on this form.


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