What is Oregon's Environmental Literacy Plan (OELP)?

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In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed the No Oregon Child Left Inside (NOCLI) Act, establishing an eleven-member task force charged with developing the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan: Toward a Sustainable Future (OELP). The OELP, accepted by the Oregon Legislature in 2010, articulates a vision for education in Oregon where every student experiences a continuum of place-based, outdoor learning opportunities and gains the understanding necessary to become a lifelong steward of their environment and community.

The Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan is a collaborative statewide project, housed at Oregon State University Extension. By joining us, you support efforts to reconnect Oregon youth with the natural world and help cultivate in them a lifelong commitment to sound environmental stewardship.

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How does the OELP work?

Oregon State University Extension (OSU Ext) and its partners are working to:

  • Enable implementation of the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan (OELP) in schools across Oregon.
  • Promote a curriculum that includes outdoor education activities in every discipline and at every grade level
  • Support educators with relevant professional development opportunities.
  • Advance research and disseminate best practices and models to educators.
  • Enrich our culture and advance civic life.
  • Bridge gaps between classrooms and community.

What is currently happening with the OELP?no oregon child left inside

OSU Ext and its partners are working on implementing the OELP. Here are a few things going on - a searchable K-12 database, aligning with standards, and professional development opportunities.

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How Can I Get Involved?

Contact LeeAnn Mikkelson, program coordinator of the Oregon Environmental Literacy Program if interested in getting involved and helping.

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