2016 Conference 
Enhancing Our Communities Through Environmental Education

September 28-30, 2016
Suttle Lake Camp United Methodist
Sisters, Oregon

canoe on lake

Thank you to all who participated and to our generous sponsors. Over 130 diverse individuals came from across the state to learn from each other and hear what is happening with environmental education in Oregon. Below are materials and resources from the 2016 conference.

Photos and information on PDU's coming soon.

2016 Conference Content

Featuring: Community Science • Technology and Environmental Education •  School Gardens and Farm to School • Best Practices • Global Climate Change - A Local Look • Staying Current with  Existing/Emerging Standards/Legislation  • Creating Partnerships - Regional Collaborations Efforts

School Garden and Farm to School Track

Connecting Students to the Natural World and Local Food Systems Through Farm-Based Education
by Megan Kemple, Oregon Farm to School, Audrey Tehan, Seed to Table Program, and Karen Tassinari, Rogue Valley Farm to School

Megan, Audrey, and Karen shared best practices to engage students in farm-based education. They shared a variety of program models and educational activities including farm field trips and other farm-based education activities.

Presentation Field trip lesson plan Teacher toolkit
Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom: tools and resources to implement natural resource, environmental, and agricultural education through existing curriculum
by Austin Miller, Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

Austin shares what is Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom and the tools and resources they provide to educators.


School Gardens as a Model for Natural Systems
by Elizabeth Goward, School Garden Project of Lane County

Elizabeth shares how to use the outdoor classroom for science and environmental literacy and how to align your school garden lessons to state standards.

Presentation Framework for K-12 Soil Composition Lesson
Worm Lesson  Lesson worksheets  NGSS handouts

Global Climate Change - A Local Look

Workshop on Climate Change Basics
by Alan R.P. Journet, Ph.D and Kathleen D. Conway, Ph.D, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

Alan and Kathleen shared fundamental climate science principles and grade-specific K-12 Next Generation Science Standards.


"Best of Bend" Panel Presentation: Climate-Friendly Living: Champions of Central Oregon
by Diane Hodiak, 350Deschutes

Diane discussed clean transportation options, how solar will soon be for everyone, and actions you can do to help our cummunity and ourselves, while helping the planet.  To receive a white paper on "Reducing your carbon footprint email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Community Science

Inquiry, Exploration and Service Learning in the Sagebrush Ecosystem
by Rick Reynolds, Engaging Every Student & ShareOregon and Angela L. Sitz, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Rick and Angela shared the new sagebrush ecosystem educational program created to help students explore ways to protect this ecosystem and the diverse species living there.

Presentation Sagebrush Ecosystem Curriculum
An Introduction to 4-H Butterfly Wings and Oregon's 4-H Free On-Line Interactive Entomology Resources
by Virginia Bourdeau and Robin Galloway

Virginia and Robin introduce 4-H's Project Butterfly Wings interactive website, common identifying features of butterflies, how to set up a butterfly study site and record and report data on the national website.