Name Plan Organization Subscription date
Katie Akers Individual United States Forest Service 09-15-2020
Lauriel Amoroso Student/Senior Northwest Outdoor Science School 08-11-2020
Emily Anderson Individual Oregon State University Extension, 4-H Youth Development 04-25-2016
Robyn Anderson Individual Museum of Natural & Cultural History 09-08-2020
Bonnie Anderson Basic Pro Friends of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge 09-11-2020
Sophia Anguilla Friend Friends of Outdoor School 10-04-2019
Anne Armstrong Basic OMSI 08-13-2018
Andrew Baird Individual Southwest Geophysics 10-29-2019
Sue Baker Individual 10-21-2018
Nancy Bales Basic Gray Family Foundation 06-05-2018
Mel Bankoff Partner Partners for Sustainable Schools 08-18-2016
Bruce Barbarasch Leader Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District 06-17-2016
Lena Baucum Basic Straub Environmental Center 07-19-2018
Rita Bauer Basic OSU/Outdoor School 06-01-2020
Kasia Bilhartz Student/Senior 08-04-2016
Casey Blake Basic Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom 06-10-2020
Cheryl Bland Individual David Douglas School District 01-12-2020
Jason Botel Student/Senior 08-30-2016
Jessica Brothers Student/Senior 06-22-2016
Sarah Brumet Individual 08-01-2020