Our Strategic Plan Is Guiding Us Forward

Every three to five years we participate in a visioning and strategic planning process to help guide us in furthering environmental education. 

Over the past two years, EEAO board of directors has embarked on a journey to deepen our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, how they connect and intersect each other, and what that means in our organization. Our strategic plan reflects this process and a goal of being intentional in interweaving diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything that we do. We realize this is a starting point and that we have a lot of continued learning, and work to do.

We hope over the next three years this guides us in making progress in working together to provide spaces for communities and individuals to build relationships, improve practices, and share ideas around environmental education. Oregon is such a diverse state ecologically and socially.

We believe connections with each other and to place is needed. Environmental education can be one tool to drive connections and we realize there are many different ways to practice environmental education. We want to find ways that helps us connect with one another and to place and broaden our perspectives in environmental education.

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EEAO is an affiliate of NAAEE. Our strategic plan ties to the national affiliate strategic plan and aligns with the larger national environmental education goals. Learn about NAAEE strategic plan.

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