About Us

We support environmental educators across Oregon and YOUR state affiliate to NAAEE.

Our Mission

cultivating environmental literacy and engagment among diverse community leaders

Our Vision

Oregon communities compassionately working together to create equitable connections to and expressions of the local and global environments.

We are striving to

work together
work together with communities and individuals to provide spaces where all can gather to build relationships, improve practices, and share ideas around environmental education.

Our primary functions

Collaborate with state level partners to ensure the inclusion of environmental education in related initiatives.
Jenna Mendenhall
Jenna MendenhallBoard Chair
Amy Busch
Amy BuschPast Chair
Gerard Gonzales
Gerard GonzalesSecretary
Charissa Jones
Charissa JonesTreasurer
Alison Heimowitz
Alison HeimowitzBoard Member
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We cannot do this without your support. As a member you will be a partner in helping us provide spaces where we can compassionately work together to create equitable connection to and expressions of the local and global environments.
“Being from the NE corner of the state, many times I can feel very isolated from the rest of EE community. EEAO helps me feel connected to other educators and keeps me abreast of trends in the EE field.”
Amy Busch
EEAO member since 2010
“I have always been an active member of the community but always felt like I could do so much more. Giver charity organization has given me the option to work for something I am truly passionate about. Every time I am a part of a successful campaign, I feel like I have attached a lot.”
Kevin Clein
Campaign Research Analyst
“One of the most amazing part of Giver is that they truly let you contribute to a great cause in the way you want. I volunteer regularly and every small thing I do is appreciated. I can see how even the smallest of actions can make a big differnece in someone’s life-the true power of chairity.”
Paul Walters
Project Coordinator